School Holiday Program & Term 1, 2019

School Holiday Program & Term 1, 2019

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Learning Piano is learning for life. Whether old or young, learning for enjoyment or to pass a certain level - or even to nail one song and show it off to our mates.. 99 year old you likely not regret giving the piano a bash. So come tinkle on the ivories, what you'll learn over the course of a full term will surprise and delight you.

Firstly, we start with the basics, the FUNdamentals. Rest assured, this will not be a bland, restrictive piano lesson. You will learn to love the notes, the sounds, and even the homework! If 40+ years of experience teaching all ages and abilities has revealed anything, it's that enjoying the piano means you practice, which means you improve, which means you surprise yourself.

At the end of the day, you'll leave feeling refreshed, and knowing that you have a new home. After all, you can always come back to those keys, and they will welcome you every time.

Workbooks and guides are available to help you each step of the way and provide a step-by-step approach and reference tool. These are an accumulation of best-practice, knowledge, experience, learning tools and exercises honed and perfected over the last 40 years of teaching. Check out the online store if you'd like to grab a guide and get a head start. Stickers, cups of tea and laughter are provided free and readily available at each session!