Learn the Piano Book 2

Learn the Piano Book 2

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We're buzzing along now. 

Here we've arrived at Book 2. We've covered the basics in Book 1, and we're off to  flying start. We know how notes work, we've even started to look at the structure of some chords. Now, to start putting it all together. It might sounds daunting at first, but everything you've learnt and practiced in Book 1 is here to help and guide you.

All those funny stories are ringing true as you blaze through Book 2 with an energy like that of a cat in a hallway at 3am. Only you have good reason to be excited. Your progress and learning is really shining through now, as in Book 2 we'll be confidently playing new songs and improving our abilities and knowledge.

As with all Hopalong learning guides, your lessons will be structured with practical exercises, examples and interactive learning. By the end of Book 2, you'll be ready to progress to an intermediate level. Hello, progress! 

This is the elementary guide to playing piano, and should follow Book 1. It contains many helpful references and practical learnings that will help you progress to sight reading of your favourite songs. All the while, the lessons and worksheets are enjoyable, and perfectly developed to be memorable, enjoyable and to build on each-other. 

Learn the Piano Book 2 is used throughout the term-based learning at Hopalong Music, but has been developed to also be usable to teach yourself the piano as well as for use for teachers wishing to have a thorough, practical tool to assist in teaching their students. 

You can buy Book 2 as a standalone learning guide, or as part of the full term standard packages: 

Package 1 (Book 2 & Workbook, Pencil)

Package 2 (Book 2, Workbook, Exercise Book, Pencils, Eraser, Sticker Sheet, Easy Learning Flashcards)